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CharIN Testival Europe

New functionality of Power Electronics chargers comes to CharIN Testival North America

After the success of the CharIN Festival & Conference Europe, Power Electronics will once again be present at the 6th edition of the Testival & CharIn e.V. North America 2022, this time in Portland, Oregon, USA, from October 4 to 7.

During the event, which will bring together automobile and charging stations manufacturers, component suppliers and network operators, among others, the multinational will showcase in America the Plug&Charge functionality, a solution that improves simplicity, security and protection of user privacy, on which Power Electronics continues to develop.

In addition, the various automakers will be able to test the NBw30 electric vehicle charger: Power Electronics’ all-in-one solution that provides 30kW of power over an extended voltage range.

Power Electronics’ presence at CharIN Europe was a success, and the company expects it to be a success in the American market as well, ensuring interoperability with major manufacturers for new models currently in production or future software upgrades of their vehicles in the field.

Currently, Power Electronics continues to work on the MCS (Megawatt Charging System) solution through specialized working groups in the process of designing and manufacturing the first prototypes compatible with this system, which will be the next step in the interoperability of fast vehicle charging.

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