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Power Electronics stands out thanks to its innovation techniques

Continuous improvement and innovation are key factors in order to continue growing, especially when we are talking about the energy sector. Within its commitment to innovation, the multinational has more than 250 engineers in the I+D department, being a reference company in the renewable energy sector.

Do you know what does “This Out The Box” mean? On the occasion of the Innovation and Creativity World Day, celebrated by Power Electronics on the April 21th, the multinational has wanted to show different ways in which these concepts are present in its day-to-day.

Teamwork of all the professionals that are part of the multinational allows that Power Electronics is pioneer in providing solutions for the renewable energy market. Continuous improvement and innovation are key factor in order to continue growing, especially when talking about the energy sector. Therefore, the I+D department has more than 250 engineers, being electric, electronic, industrial and mechanical engineers the most renowned positions.

According to PwC’s Global Innovation Survey, 20% of the most innovative companies experiment an increase over the 62%. For this reason, Power Electronics has wanted to focus on innovation and creativity during April.

Thanks to the work done by the Power Electronics team over the years, the multinational is a reference company in the renewable energy sector thanks to its innovative products, which have set a trend over the years.

Do you know which have been the pioneer products of Power Electronics?

  • In 2003, Power Electronics launched the first SD700 speed variator.
  • In 2011, Power Electronics became the first manufacturer to launch a 1MW central-modular indoor inverter.
  • In 2016, Power Electronics produced and designed the first central-modular inverter from 1500V up to 3.5MW.
  • In 2017, Power Electronics was pioneer worldwide in launching the first medium voltage central-storing inverter up to 3.8 MW.
  • In 2019, the creation of the first NB Station of 500 kW took place and one year later the NB Station of 1.2 MW was created.
  • In 2022, Power Electronics developed in the PE Campus roof the largest self-supply project with batteries in Spain, pioneer and model in innovation and sustainability for every other industry.

In order to be different to others it’s necessary that you are ready for any challenge, and to innovate it’s essential that you can see with different perspectives.

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