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Digitalization in industrial companies

In recent years, new technologies have revolutionized all aspects of our lives, but especially since 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting confinements, the importance of betting on digitalization has become evident. At the beginning it was urgent and inevitable to maintain the activity from the confinement, now, it is presented to us as a great opportunity for development and strategic change that arises from this crisis.

Power Electronics has driven its digital transformation process to remain a leading company despite the difficult health situation, managing to grow more than ever and expand to new frontiers, becoming a benchmark in its sector, nationally and internationally.

To understand why moving a company to the digital side is so beneficial, we must first understand what is the digitalization of companies and what is the key to success in the process.

What does the digitization of a company consist of?

When we talk about digitizing a company, we do not mean providing employees with a computer and Internet connection or making a large investment in IT equipment. The digitization of industry is a matter of reformulating and adapting a company’s processes to take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities offered by new technologies.

What has been the key to digitization at Power Electronics?

Power Electronics, as an innovative company, has also managed to increase its productivity, efficiency and the quality of its products thanks to the digitalization of its processes. Among the digital processes that the company already has in place are the processes for configuring offers for customers, as well as the flow of raw materials.

Currently, more than 80% of the company’s processes are digitized, and the goal is to reach 100% by 2022. But, What are the most relevant points?

The first key is a unique talent pool for the technology department, PE Software. This team is in charge of leading the progress towards the ambitious goal. Only a team of highly qualified professionals is capable of reacting and adapting with freshness to the abrupt evolution of such a changing sector.

PE Software’s most ambitious project to achieve the complete digitalization of the company focuses on the Human Resources, Legal and Technical Service departments, departments that are bridges to a new level of efficiency and coordination of systems.

One of the most interesting innovations this year is the digitization of the technical service. With the move from paper to a completely digital SAT, it is expected to improve productivity and quality of service internally and externally.  The aim is to provide instant customer service and improve coordination between departments.

In addition, establishing a good base from which to work and create is another essential aspect. Thanks to the company’s efforts in innovation and development, it has been possible to develop a corporate ERP that, together with other interconnected systems, supports all the corporation’s core day-to-day processes.

More generally, the priority given to investment in R&D that characterizes Power Electronics is also reflected in the creation of teams specialized in bringing the latest technologies to the company’s daily operations. In the personnel selection process, the digital dimension of each position is taken into account, in search of profiles prepared to work in this area and innovate in new ways of performing their tasks.

Is there any point at which a company ceases to be digital?

Market needs advance at the same time that technology expands the frontier of possibilities for companies, so we must always keep ourselves in constant adaptation and focused on the development of new applications and systems that improve the operation of companies. So the answer is no, a company never finishes digitizing because the horizon expands as technology advances.

We have to understand that digitization is not a momentary reform, but a process of constant adaptation that ensures business survival in a reality that has a digital reflection more important than ever.

As already mentioned, one of the features of Power Electronics is a constant evolution and search for improvement, and in fact, the technology department itself is also in a phase of growth and adaptation, seeking to expand in number and capacity and reach new horizons.

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