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26 March: World Climate Day 2022

World Climate Day, declared by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
in 1992, was commemorated on Saturday 26th March to raise global awareness of the
importance of climate. It is also a wake-up call on how human actions affect the climate.

Why is it important to avoid climate change?

The main cause of climate change, caused by global warming, is the high concentration of carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere. Every year since 1977 has been warmer than the average
temperature of the entire 20th century, driven by emissions from oil and coal.

There are natural hazards that are linked to climate variations: loss of biodiversity, unusual or
even extreme weather events, resource scarcity, and many others. These, together with human
over-activity (landscape alteration, over-exploitation of resources, etc.), can lead to what is
known as the “cascade effect”.

The ecological cascade explains how one disturbance can wipe out an entire ecosystem. For
example, imagine that, because of climate change, the average temperature in an area rises so
much that one of its plant species cannot survive. If the species disappears, all its predators will
be forced to change their source of feeding (exploiting other resources), or they will end up
disappearing as well. Now imagine that this is happening in many places at once, and there is no
prospect of improvement in the short term.

The scientific community has been warning us of these threats for years, and in recent years,
studies have been released showing that climate change is inevitable. But there is still hope:
there is still time to reverse the worst effects of climate change, but we need change sooner
rather than later.

Earth Hour: an awareness-raising action

Earth Hour is held every year on the last Saturday in March. It is considered the most widespread
and important environmental awareness campaign worldwide, to reflect on the need to act
decisively on climate change and counteract its impact on nature and the planet.
This initiative was born in Sydney in 2007 as a symbolic gesture to draw attention to the problem
of climate change and biodiversity loss. It consists of a voluntary electricity blackout, in which
people and companies are asked to turn off lights and non-essential electrical appliances for one
hour, from 20:30 to 21:30.

This action does not avoid any climatic consequences but seeks to raise awareness among
people so that their actions are more environmentally responsible.
It promotes energy saving, the reduction of polluting emissions and the reduction of light
pollution. Over the years, it has become a global movement, with thousands of cities in almost 200 countries already taking part, which in past editions switched off more than 17,000
monuments and buildings as emblematic as the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum. For the year
2022, the slogan was “A Moment of Reflection”, highlighting how decisive our actions in these
years are for the future of the planet.

Our action

On days like these, Power Electronics is proud to be an environmentally conscious company, as
it is part of our mission to move towards a transition to a new energy model.

We are a leading renewable energy company, and we deliver projects around the world that
seek to bring a sustainable twist to our customers’ energy management. Moreover, we know
that it is not only about producing energy in a sustainable way, but also about knowing how to
manage and store it efficiently. We strive for energy efficiency in all our projects.

On the other hand, energy and mobility go hand in hand, so sustainable mobility is also one of
our areas of action, being manufacturers of chargers for electric mobility. The development of
infrastructure for electric vehicles is one of the key elements to achieve the transition to electric
mobility, and at Power Electronics we dedicate resources and research to develop fast charging
solutions for electric vehicles. For example, our NB Standalone range is capable of charging
167km of range in 5.5 minutes.

Finally, we promote and sponsor activities whose values and objectives align with our own. For
example, this year we have renewed our sponsorship of the Acciona | Sainz XE Team, the team
with which the drivers Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz compete in the Extreme E. In this competition,
the drivers travel to five places on the planet that suffer the effects of climate change with the
aim of raising awareness of them through sport. In addition, all the participating teams are made
up of a woman and a man, supporting gender equality.

We are aware that the energy sector is a key point in the shift towards sustainability, and we
want to play a leading role in this green shift. We believe it is important to commemorate these
days to remember that being sustainable is no longer an option, but an urgency for the planet.

Would you like to follow the green path with us?

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