Death of the founder and chairman of Power Electronics, Abelardo Salvo

14 November, 2018

  • Character and entrepreneurial spirit have been the guiding forces behind the company’s continuing expansion.
  • This Valencia-based family firm of thirty years’ standing currently employs 1,500 people.
  • The company has a presence in more than forty-five countries, and in various industrial sectors.

Abelardo Salvo, the chairman and founder of Power Electronics, has died at the age of eighty. His Valencia-based family firm of more than thirty years’ standing, and a specialist in advanced electronics for the power sector, is one of Spain’s most widely recognized international companies.

The history of Power Electronics has always been marked by the strong commitment of the company’s founder, who was concerned from day one with a focus on personalized attention and closeness to the customer. This has continued to be the linchpin of the development and subsequent evolution of a business organization that now has a presence in more than forty different countries.

Abelardo Salvo started what would become Power Electronics in a tiny 150 m2 workshop with just three employees in Benimaclet, a district of the eastern Spanish city of Valencia – a far cry from the workforce of 1,500 currently employed at the company’s new 60.000 m2 production plant in Lliria, located further inland.

Abelardo Salvo was a visionary for his time. After verifying the great benefit that electronic starters and variable-speed drives supposed for industry in general and for the agricultural sector in particular, he decided to start building his own equipment. He himself assembled the products that he distributed to other businesses and individual customers, using a process of vertical integration that persists to this day.

Power Electronics started to expand after the inauguration of its factory and R&D facility at the Technology Park in Paterna, Valencia. Abelardo’s three sons, Amadeo, Lalo and David, have managed to position the company as one of the biggest manufacturers of solar inverters by closely following their father’s approach of focusing on customer service that is both close and personal. The company’s solar division is what has really made the organization take off, with its current efforts concentrated on the new challenges posed by electric mobility.

The presence of Abelardo Salvo and his way of doing business have always marked each step taken by Power Electronics on its path to becoming a leading company in more than a hundred countries.

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