Power Electronics facilities, the Campus, holds an the extension of more than 100.000 m2, in Liria, 28 km from Valencia city, in Spain. As a technology center acts as production plant, ELMOT (Electronic Motion System SL) center and office building.

The building

Energy efficiency and technology

The facilities were especially designed to seize on daylight, thinking about energy efficiency and supplied with the latest technological advances. The manufacturing plant is completely covered by solar panels that generate more than 8.5 MWh every day. The Campus has installed several charging point for electric cars at the parking lot.


The most demanding systems
in quality control and safety

The Campus holds the main manufacturing plant of Power Electronics with a vast area dedicated to production and assembling for every product line. ELMOT center is dedicated to manufacture all electronic components needed. Production line and assemble incorporates successive quality controls and the most strict measures in safety. Furthermore, we can count with the production plant in Higueruelas where all metallic structures are made.


Vertical integration of production

Based on vertical integration philosophy, manufacturing all components and parts of our own products, ELMOT center can count with the latest technology to produce printed circuit electronic cards and the rest of the components that perform as the brain in each product.



The Campus count with its own transport service from Valencia.

Dining Hall

The Campus offers meals and dinners in its dining hall for 500 people.


The campus has a gym for the exclusive use of employees.

Courrier service

The Campus has a complete parcel service for shipment collection.

Resting spaces

The facilities have various spaces and gardens to have moment and relax.

Assembly Hall

The corporate building has an assembly hall for more than 300 people.

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