About us

The history of Power Electronics has always been marked by the strong commitment of the company’s founder, Abelardo Salvo, who has been concerned since day one with a focus on personalized attention and closeness to the customer. Indeed it is his capacity for hard work and his imagination and energy that provide the linchpin for everything that we do, and also what makes us unique.

‘‘We are a hands-on company with a firm commitment to service.’’

D. Abelardo Salvo
1938 - 2018


Offering quality and service for more than three decades

After more than thirty four years in the field, Power Electronics is now a leading supplier of technology to strategic sectors involved in the economic and industrial development of more than a hundred countries; with a range that includes solar inverters, electronic starters, variable-speed drives and converters designed for the grid connection of battery-based energy storage systems.

The year 2020 saw us achieve 40 GW of installed power capacity, with a productive equivalent of 20 GW, making us the American continent’s leading (and the world’s fourth-placed) supplier of solar inverters for photovoltaic power plants. We continue to occupy the top position in the United States, Mexico, the UK and Spain.

The company is now addressing the challenge of electric mobility, by making charging-infrastructure products for all manner of electric vehicles.

20 GW

Production capacity

40 GW


Customer care

We offer advice both
before and after deployment

Customer service has been a key part of our corporate development from the start. Our Power on Support service provides advice, technical assistance and ongoing personalized training, both before and after commissioning, along with the delivery from stock of products and components for deployment in the field within the shortest possible time.

Power Electronics matches itself to the needs of each customer and each project. We know from experience about the impact that environmental and climatic conditions have on the functioning of even the best equipment, so we work on ensuring that each product offers top performance guarantees to all our customers, in any situation.

Power on Support

International presence

We can get to wherever
you happen to be

Power Electronics has succeeded in establishing a presence on all five continents, along with an ability to supply immediate technical service for equipment and large projects all around the world. Our twenty-eight branches and points of sale in almost forty countries offer customer service based on immediacy, designed to ensure maximum efficiency and operability – always with suitable responses to any request or enquiry concerning our products and applications – while offering fast solutions that guarantee the proper functioning of the installation concerned, without unnecessary stoppages or extended waiting times.


Technology applied to the needs
of each customer

Innovation has guided Power Electronics along each step of the way, as reflected in its growth and geographical presence. Our products are based on the latest advances in technology, with a focus on improving efficiency, durability and operating performance. Power Electronics possesses various active patents and registered products and inventions, such as the “iCOOL 3” cooling system used in solar inverters and variable-speed drives.

We are committed to innovation as the key to developing new products, with a view to minimizing costs and environmental impact in various areas, including the energy, metallurgical, cement, marine, oil and gas, mining and water sectors.


Laboratories with accredited certification

All our products have passed the most demanding quality tests.

The system of vertical integration that we apply to the manufacture of all our products lets us monitor each phase of the design, production, fabrication and assembly of all our components, be they mechanical or electronic.

We monitor the manufacture of each component, adapt it to the individual item of equipment and take into account how it is going to be used in the field, thereby ensuring best performance for every installation. This massive effort invested in the excellence of our products is reflected in the awarding of quality certification ISO 9001 (2008) standards, which accredits our system of quality management, along with 14001 (2004) certification in recognition of our environmental management system.

Our laboratories hold certified accreditation as a further guarantee of the proper functioning of our equipment. We have also obtained the “UL” mark from Underwriters Laboratories, which guarantees that our products comply with the safety and quality standards of the United States and Canada.

Our history

Committed to innovation
and customer service

Right from the start and up to the present day, with our presence on all five continents, our approach has always entailed investing energy in what really matters: a sustainable future and satisfied customers. Our company is focused on creating the best products, while seeking out innovation and providing customer service based on trust and commitment.

The company’s 2500 strong team of highly qualified professionals is committed to customer service and research and development. Our two production facilities, which occupy over 100,000 m2 (the equivalent of more than 18 football pitches) between them, offer annual production capacity of 20 GW and likewise share our consistent commitment to innovation, responsible progress and sustainability.

The future

Moved by a firm commitment
to the environment

The use of renewable energy and increases in efficiency are top priorities when it comes to developing our lines of products. Power Electronics is contributing to the search for alternative approaches to the main threats faced by the planet, including the environmental impact of fossil and low-quality fuels and the lack of water in many parts of the world.

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