Puesta en marcha del HEM en el campo solar de Antelope 2

Publicado 29 September, 2018

Puesta en marcha del HEMK en el campo solar de Pecan

Publicado 28 September, 2018

Power Electronics attends SPI2018 in Anaheim, California, the main trade event of the solar power sector

Publicado 14 September, 2018

Power Electronics USA Inc. was one of more than 800 exhibitors at Solar Power International (SPI) on 24-27 September 2018 in Anaheim, California.  SPI, the biggest solar-power trade event in the United States, has expanded to include energy storage solutions and chargers for electric vehicles. It is estimated that more than 20,000 professionals from the sector came to share ideas, innovations and information.

As Ron Puryear, Executive Vice President of Power Electronics, stated: “We are very proud to be a part of SPI this year, and we hope that it will be a great opportunity for us at Power Electronics to exhibit our new products designed for the solar power and energy storage sectors. This year we will also be presenting our new NUBE range of chargers for electric vehicles, with a simple and elegant design, ready for installation across the country.”

Invitations went out to the 20,000 professionals that were expected to attend the main trade event of the solar power sector in the United States, including a visit to Power Electronics at Stand 2626.

Power Electronics attends Gastech 2018, the leading trade event of the natural gas and LNG sectors

Publicado 6 September, 2018

The thirtieth edition of Gastech, the world’s biggest trade event dedicated to the natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) sectors, took place at the Fira de Barcelona exhibition center in Spain on 17-20 September.

Visitors to the Power Electronics stand were able to see the new generation of SD750 high-power variable-speed drives and the XMV660 Outdoor medium-voltage variable-speed drive, an exact replica of the fully functioning equipment set up in the Port of Barcelona two years previously, but relocated to Stand G125.

El Freemaq PCS comienza a funcionar en Braintree

Publicado 2 September, 2018