The HEM Medium Voltage power station is designed for utility scale solar applications that require the advantages of central and string architectures.

The HEMK is a modular solar inverter that offers the advantages of both central and string inverters.

The most flexible and reliable 1500V utility scale solar inverter. Ranging from 1MW to 3.5MW, modular and redundant solar inverter that generates higher yields and provides outstanding up time.

Outdoor Utility-scale Modular & Redundant solar inverter with the latest utility interactive functions.


The ultimate turn-key solution, offering all the interconnections ready for a Plug & Play installation with HEC series inverters.

The Twin Skid simplifies the project design of the PV plant, reducing the cost of installation and the amount of resources needed thanks to its extra high power density.

Open Skid Solar Station is a fully integrated solution with one or two back-to-back HEC-US solar inverters, pad-mount transformer and customized auxiliary panels.


FSDK Recombiner

Disconnection and protection

IEC / US 1500Vdc

Reactive and Active Power Controller

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