Freesun Solar Division was born out of an experienced company within the industrial sector and long presence in relevant solar markets such as Germany, Spain and Italy. Thus, our privileged position gave us first-hand knowledge about market concerns under different technical and economical stages, which make us turn challenges into opportunities.

Actually, we offer a wide portfolio of inverters and accessories, which truly offers the highest availability rates on the market, the most extended guarantees, and at very competitive and economic conditions. Apart from the sales conditions, we are committed to what has brought us to where we are now; outstanding technical service POWER ON SUPPORT and a vertically integrated production which allows us to offer unique delivery times.

Power Electronics has been actively present in an eventful market due to ever changing regulations or feed-in tariff conditions. Those issues have set the pace of the worldwide market opportunities. In this regard, our dynamism has allowed us to sell our inverters in relevant markets such as Europe, South Africa, Israel, United States as well as arising markets such as Japan.

Confident in our ability and backed by our experience, we carried out external technical tests and due diligences with well known companies, that together with our bankability and successful stories, will satisfy the stringent requirements from EPCs, promoters and investor funds.




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