Power On Support

POWER ON SUPPORT is a new concept which pretends to explain the customer oriented strategy implemented by Power Electronics since its origins more than 25 years ago. We do not simply consider ourselves an advanced power electronics manufacturer, but a service company who is in the market to take care of all our customers’ needs and adapt to their requirements.

Therefore, flexibility and specialization play a key role. We are flexible and able to supply advanced products while committing to deliver in very short lead times, service our product ranges in any market where we have a branch within 24 hours, commission our devices worldwide and offer a worldwide hotline 24/7. We are specialists who offer advice to our clients not only about our products but also about the applications while providing grant specialized trainings about power electronics, a guarantee on our drives, softstarters and solar inverters for a longer period of time than anybody else…..


Our applications department is ready to give technical advice and support about our products and the applications, in which they are installed. Our clients also have at their disposal our software and projects department, which comprise a wide number of highly skilled and experienced engineers in the development of tailor-made software solutions.


3 year warranty for our industrial products (variable speed drives and soft starters) and 5 year warranty for our solar inverters against any production defect. Warranties are usually executed on site in order to minimize non desired stops.


We guarantee telephone assistance to our clients at any time and under any event, not only to cover warranties or technical problems but also to offer technical advice if needed.


We are committed to assisting our clients with our variable speed drives, softstarters and solar inverters onsite at any time despite product warranty validation.


Power Electronics manufactures either on demand or delivers from stock. This way we keep a minimum product inventory, used to attend any urgent requirements and guarantee deliveries in less than 24h.


We also keep a large inventory of spare parts stock for our production needs and immediate technical assistance. It also helps to minimize the lead time in big projects


Commissionings at Power Electronics are always for free. Our Technical engineers configure all our drives, softstarters and inverters depending on the application to maximize their performance. Furthermore, the feedback obtained in these commissionings contributes to improve our products and gives a great added value.


Our clients have at their disposal our training rooms, where we offer them tailor-made trainings solutions with a fine balance between theoretical and practical issues. We can also offer training sessions at our clients’ facilities.

POWER ON SUPPORT - (+34) 961 366 557

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