We are a service and manufacturing company of power electronics. We help you along the whole product life cycle, from plant lay-out the after sales technical service, by providing close, flexible and customer oriented assistance that ensures we keep long-term relationships with our clients and partners of the industrial and solar photovoltaic sectors.

Our head office in Valencia (Spain) houses our high technology R&D centre as well as the electronics manufacturing. Additionally, three factories with a net area of more than 20.000 sqm can produce annually 4GW of solar and 5GW of industrial equipment. All under the perspective of a vertical integration that enhances the production quality and flexibility.


Power Electronics history is written by the personal overcoming and courageous attitude of its founder Mr. Abelardo Salvo, who becomes a pioneer in power electronics development. He began his activity in Valencia (Spain), where an outstanding technical service 24h/7d and the great features which variable speed drives and soft starters offer to the industrial and agriculture sectors create an opportunity that Power Electronics takes by developing its own products.

Since the beginning, high quality service assistance and a latter internationalization strategy have been the key points to the company´s growth. After inaugurating the factory and R&D centre in the Paterna’s Technologic Park, Valencia (Spain), Power Electronics’ expansion kicked off. Truly convinced of the effectiveness of a local technical service, Power Electronics opens new subsidiaries in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, and distribution centres in over 20 countries with local partners who share our customer oriented philosophy POWER ON SUPPORT.

In 2010, a high development in renewable energies pushes Power Electronics to create its own solar inverter brand Freesun by releasing LVT Series and HE Series. In a few months, these products were positioned in the market between the leading manufacturers.

Market trends and requirements change at great speed, thus Power Electronics inaugurates a new R&D centre in Madurai (India), and a new production centre in Higueruelas, Valencia (Spain). This outstanding growth allows us to release new products in a short time frame: low voltage and medium voltage products for industrial sector (SD500, SD700KOMPAKT, SD700FL, SD700FR, VS65 and XMV660), and PV solar sector (Freesun HEC, HEC-UL, HES, HET).

We continue growing at great speed every year, and hope the near future will be of advancement and expansion, consolidating the 40 markets where we are already present in and adding some more new horizons to our future.

In Power Electronics we know that the modern world is getting faster and more complicated by the day, and that often priorities in life can get confused. When we design and create our products, we don’t only think about numbers and graphs, we think about our clients, their companies and their surrounding environment, like they are our own. And that is exactly why we understand that there are more things in life, not only work. We don’t want our clients to worry about our products; we want them to save their energy so that they can invest it in the things that really matter, their families, their friends, their hobbies… We will take care of the rest: we will set up free technical seminars and courses so that our clients and their technicians can get to know the products as well as we do, we will assist with the commissioning with no additional cost because we believe in work well done, we will offer you a 24hr phone line so that you can always ask what you want to know no matter the time of day or night, and we will never let our clients down if they have a problem… We will take care of all these things so that you can save your energy for things that really matter…

Our environmentally friendly products will help your company to reduce your energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, we consider ourselves playing a main role in converting sustainable growth into a reality, by using industrial energy saving measures and renewable energy sources.

VERTICAL INTEGRATION of the whole production process allows us to offer complete FLEXIBILITY, outstanding QUALITY and IMMEDIATE DELIVERY TIME, thanks to complete production supervision and scheduling of the electronics, frames and cabins, assembly and testing.

We design, manufacture and test the electronic boards of all our products. Our facilities are fully equipped with the latest PCB lead cutting and forming, automatic pin and welding. We apply, as standard, aerospace and military conformal coating that provides better protection against external agents. An artificial vision system and individual inspection, evaluates the quality level. An exhaustive test of the completed boards ensures its perfect performance.

We design and manufacture all the mechanic items of our equipment. Frames and cabins mechanization, mounting and painting, copper or aluminium bus bars mechanization, protective plastic covers; all convert to Power Electronics in different production stages that provide us fully flexibility, which leads to a wide prototyping capacity and outstanding delivery time for customer made solutions.

Construcción y equipamiento de la nueva planta de Higueruelas cofinanciada por el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo, dentro del Programa de Ayudas para actuaciones de Reindustrialización. Expediente REI-070000-2011-179 – Expediente REI-040000-2012-417.

Cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).

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