Varible Speed Drive energy saving calculator for pumps and fans.

From treatment to recycling, water generates life and prosperity. Worldwide rising demand in water scarcity zones makes the process optimization the key factor to water life cycle sustainability. We work together in that direction providing efficiency, reliability and sustainability to your facilities.

Water movement is one of the most extensive applications in modern industry from the simplest to the most complex process. All of them share common concerns such as process energy efficiency and reliability, but further interests grow in facilities that are part of the water life cycle: Desalination Plants, Water Treatment and Waste Water Recycling Plants, Water Storage & Distribution, Irrigation Networks.

Power Electronics’ drives and soft starters are present all over the world, providing fresh water and comfort to more than 15 million people and desalinating 500.000m3/day under the most demanding environments.

  • Calculate the energy savings in any pumping system with our software PowerPCA by introducing the main data of the application. A precise tool that allow saving and exporting the results of your projects. By introducing the pump/fan performance and efficiency curves, and the desired P -Q operation points. You will be able to calculate the hydraulic power and efficiency, the electric power and efficiency, and the VFD operation frequency. For those who are planning a Solar Pumping system, this tool will help you to calculate the minimum frequency and power of your system, and therefore the feed-in PV power.




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