Power Electronics to showcase its technological innovation at Intersolar Europe

Power Electronics to showcase its technological innovation at Intersolar Europe

Power Electronics, will present in Intersolar Europe (Munich) the latest developments in the field of solar energy, storage and electric mobility. On this occasion, after a year of success in which he has positioned itself as number 1 in solar inverters for “utility scale” in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

Intersolar Europe is considered the biggest energy event in Europe since its first edition 27 years ago. This contest is a great opportunity to show to EPCs, developers and investors, the differences that exist between photovoltaic inverters in the market, and how a correct choice can significantly increase their profitability.

In this edition Power Electronics showcases the HEMK, the second generation of solar inverters of 1500V,  a system that offers the advantages of central and string inverters and, between its main novelties, allows the current or future integration in hybrid plants through connections to storage systems such as Freemaq DC / DC.

In the field of storage, Power Electronics presents the Freemaq DC / DC, a bidirectional converter designed to maximize the benefits of “utility-scale” solar plants that have storage systems and that has become the most efficient solution, without any need of a dedicated medium voltage transformer.

With the integration of the solar inverter HEMK and the Freemaq DC / DC converter, a compact solution capable of reducing CAPEX and OPEX is achieved in the development of photovoltaic plants that have or will have battery-based energy storage in the future, without incorporating additional inverters nor their corresponding transformers, becoming the most competitive solution for hybrid plants in the market.

In addition to the strong and entrenched solar division, Power Electronics presents once again its range of products for charging electric vehicles, the Nube series: charging stations and poles for heavy vehicles such as Nube 50, Nube Station and Nube Station Plus; urban solutions and for fleet management such as Nube 50 and Nube City; and specific solutions for use in private garages and parking lots, the Nube Wall.

Power Electronics, is a leader in sales in the USA and Latin America, and fourth largest company in the world according to the annual study on sales of solar inverters made by Wood Mackenzie & Renewables, a positioning that has been obtained thanks to the quality of a highly technological product and a firm service vocation.

About Power Electronics
With more than 30 years of experience, the Spanish company Power Electronics has become a leader in technology applied to strategic sectors in the economic and industrial development of more than 100 countries, with the manufacturing of solar inverters, variable speed drives, and energy storage systems adapted to any environment. In addition, at this time the company tackles its implementation and development in the field of electric mobility with the manufacturing of charging stations for all types of electric vehicles.

Power Electronics, with more than 1900 employees, focuses its efforts and dedication on offering a leader and unique customer service in the market based on personalization, availability and proximity. Its “Power on Support” service is based on advice, assistance and continuous training, as well as guaranteeing product and components in the field and in the shortest time possible thanks to a wide network of delegations and an experienced technical service.

Power Electronics is a company focused on research and development, with three factories of more than 100,000 m2 in the towns of Llíria and Higueruelas, in Spain, and with a productive capacity of 16 GW per year and which maintains its initial commitment to innovation, responsible progress and sustainability.

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